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Rider Training & Safety


The CASI Rider Course is the most current and up to date ATV safety program in Canada. The program is supported and endorsed by the Canadian Off Highway Vehicle Distributors Council and all ATV major manufacturers. This course starts you out the right way. ​

Provided by CASI Certified Instructor, Blair Cooper, the course is a well-paced, low-threat, 8 hour hands on training session and takes place on private trails and training locations between Haliburton and Minden. This course is open to all ages. Students must provide their own appropriate ATV and wear their own helmet and gloves. 

Course Cost:

Youth Riders (up to 12 years old): $85

Adult Recreational Riders (over 12 years old): $125

Commercial Training: $225


All participants receive a wallet card and certificate of completion.

Youth and Adult certificates do not have an expiry date.

The Commercial Training certificates are valid for 3 years. 


To register, please visit our EVENTS page calendar.

For additional information, please contact:

Blair Cooper: 



Accidents can and will happen. "Yahoo" riders damage the sustainability of our sport. Be considerate and travel safely. Treat other trail users as a friend regardless of how they treat you. 

  1. Drinking and ATVing don't mix.

  2. Carry maps and emergency supplies.

  3. Always wear your helmet and eye protection.

  4. Let someone know where your heading and never wheel alone.

  5. Always carry a pocket knife and waterproof matches.

  6. Take it easy. Life is fast enough, enjoy the scenery. 

  7. Know your limitations and your ATV's limitations.

  8. Respect other trail users and always give way to non motorized users.

  9. Respect the laws in place to protect you from yourself and others.

Trail Ride with Minimum Impact

  1. Stay on the trails.

  2. Minimize wheel spin.

  3. Avoid roosting corners

  4. Avoid soft bottom rivers and streams.

  5. Traverse water crossings slowly and at a 90 degree angle.

  6. Always pack out what you pack in. 

  7. Stay off private land.

Ice Thickness Guidelines

Remember that ice thicknesses are merely guidelines for new, clear, solid ice. Many factors other than thickness can cause ice to be unsafe. 

To learn how to check ice thickness, please click on the button below.

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