Haliburton Highlands Haliburton ATV Association has the largest mapped, signed and insured trail system in Ontario. The club works closely with the Haliburton County Snowmobile Association in their efforts to maintain trails and trail infrastructure in the Haliburton Highlands. HATVA Association does not operate on any snowmobile trails when winter trail grooming begins. In the spring, summer and fall HATVA members participate in official club rides, informal trail rides and trail maintenance throughout the HATVA mapped system. HATVA has a land use permit for county trails. HATVA has a number of private land use permits as well. Approximately 50% of the Haliburton County is Crown Land. Please note many snowmobile trails run on to private land trails where the snowmobile club has land use permits. Snowmobile trails on private land are not open to ATV's at any time of the year.

Mapped Trails HATVA Trails are located throughout Haliburton and into Muskoka, Kawartha, Peterborough, and Madawaska regions. Trail difficulty varies from forest access roads to extreme deep woods paths that require winches as standard equipment. It is highly recommended that you tour with a club member that knows the trails. Along with the HATVA map, topo maps, crown land maps and snowmobile maps are a neccessity for adventures and they should be cross referenced as required to insure private land owners are respected. Our club has zero tolerance for drinking on the trails and supports responsible ATVing in the spirit of Tread Lightly.

In addition to private land trails in Haliburton County there is a Municipal owned rail line that runs to Haliburton village area coming up from the Kinmount Area. HATVA wardens are empowered as bylaw officers and together with OPP Save Team officers, we ensure that riders have either a HATVA or ATVOntario trail pass on their ATV. OFATV passes are no longer accepted on HATVA trails after December 1st, 2006. As an association we have successfully pursued Highway Traffic Act #316 changes with the Municipality that allow touring via road access linkages.

ATVers should never travel alone. Crown Land trails are vast and it is easy to become lost so please ride prepaired. One or more of our members may informally join you to explore the Haliburton area if you are not familiar with our trails. You can find contact information in the Contact Us section of this web site.

Remember, all trail users must have HATVA membership pass for private and municipal trails. Many private trails in our network including the Haliburton Rail Trail are wardened so be forewarned. All of HATVA trails are insured and any HATVA member or HATVA associate club, or HATVA pass holder may use our trails.

A Few Words About HATVA Crown Land Trails

We work closely with the MNR to ensure that all trail remedial work including bridge repairs and replacements are to their specifications. Our working agreement has the following terms of reference.

  • the agreement is an understanding for both HATVA and the MNR to work in partnership for the sustainable recreation use of Crown Land trails
  • the agreement includes the Haliburton Bancroft MNR administrative area and includes those Crown trails designated on the HATVA map
  • MNR will provide timely information to HATVA regarding any outstanding or new issues that may arise
  • MNR agrees to work with HATVA regarding the trail designation in order to monitor atv use
  • MNR supports HATVA to provide safety, etiquette and HATVA info to riders
  • MNR will work with HATVA to inventory and map trails suitable for inclusion into the MNR Values Information System
  • MNR acknowledges HATVA's use of Crown trails and understands the use of the trails will be carried out in a socially acceptable and ecologically sound manner
  • HATVA must have in effect public liability and property damage insurance to protect HATVA and Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Ontario against any claim for damage of property or personal injury to a minimum limit of $2 million (we carry $5 million) inclusive per occurance
  • HATVA holds the Crown harmless
  • HATVA will map and inventory trails to include into Values Information System
  • HATVA will do periodic cleanup and remove refuse at all times on club rides
  • HATVA will provide trail education in practice, in print and on the HATVA web site pertaining to safety and trail etiquitte
  • HATVA will provide info to MNR regarding outstanding or new issues that may arise that may be a concern to MNR
  • HATVA will work cooperatively with other stakeholders having responsibilty or tenure of water crossings (that means Federal water issues)
  • HATVA responsible for obtaining consents & agreements that may be required under municipal, provincial federal bylaw or statute or from any person (this means LUP's from muni's and private land owners and potentially Federal land)
  • HATVA is solely responsible for ascertaining whether the area (trails) are suitable and safe for HATVA events and that the Crown assumes no responsibility in this regard
  • that the agreement or any portion of the agreement shall not be assigned by the Permittee (HATVA) to any other party without the prior consent of the Crown

In addition to the above it is important for riders to understand that although they may encounter a HATVA Warden on Crown land riders will not be ticketed if they do not have an atv membership or permit.

It is also important to NOTE THAT IF YOU ARE ON COUNTY LAND OR PRIVATE LAND WHERE HATVA HAS AN LUP EVEN IF IT IS LEADING TO OR FROM CROWN LAND YOU MAY BE TICKETED OR CHARGED. Our landowners grant us access to their property with the express understanding that we will insure them and ensure MEMBERS ONLY or PASSHOLDERS are on those trails. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE ATV RIDER TO HAVE MEMBERSHIP OR PASS DOCUMENTATION ON THESE TRAILS. All atv's must be plated and carry an insurance slip. It is also the responsibility of riders to know where you are riding and when you are trespassing if you do not have a membership or pass. If it is not on our map then it is not a designated atv trail. Please DO NOT TRESPASS ON OTHER TRAILS which others may have worked hard to establish such as private land snowmobile trails. HATVA wants to have good relations with the various snowmobile clubs in our catchment area. IF YOU HAVE AN HATVA PASS OR MEMBERSHIP or a AN ATVONTARIO POWER PASS or a KATVA PASS MEMBERSHIP THEN YOU CAN BE SURE THAT IF YOU ARE FOLLOWING TRAILS ON THE MAP YOU WON'T BE GETTING INTO TROUBLE WITH WARDENS OR LANDOWNERS