BREAKING NEWS: HATVA trails open May 1st
May 1st all the the HATVA trails officially open including the Haliburton County Rail Trail. Also keep in mind we have an Alliance with KATVA to the south and you can ride on those trails as well and they open on May 1st.

Rail Trail Ritchie Falls
Rail trail Ritchie Falls just off the rail trail

PLEASE USE CAUTION AT ALL TIMES. Travel with emergency supplies, extra clothing in waterproof bag, waterproof matches and an axe or chainsaw. Be careful with hip waders as they can drag you under in deep or fast running water. Travel with friends and use the buddy system. Make sure at least half of the ATV’s you travel with have working winches and bring a tow strap, snatch block and tree strap. RIDE PREPARED

Haliburton ATV Association 2010 Wrap Up
Well the 2010 riding season has come to an end and we at HATVA would like to extend our wishes to all our current and past members for a safe and happy holiday season.

2010 was another successful year for your Club and we would like to highlight some of the year's activities and accomplishments.

  • We held several organized Club rides including one free poker run for Club members. New ride formats such as a Youth and Family Ride and a Photography Ride were introduced.
  • We helped run 3 fund raising poker runs. Together with the Wilberforce and Stanhope Fire Departments we ran two poker runs to raise funds required to purchase much needed rescue equipment. These runs attracted about 175 riders; in order to attract more participants HATVA waived requirements for trail passes or membership in our or our partners' clubs and allowed a current member of any Ontario club free trail use for the Stanhope ride. The Twin Mountains Snowmobile Club hosted their inaugural Spring ATV ride in conjunction with HATVA and Kawartha ATV Association; this ride had about 40 participants and funds raised went to trail improvements in Five Points. HATVA and KATVA jointly presented a $4000 cheque from proceeds of their combined alliance pass sales to further improve the Five Points trails.
  • HATVA supports the creation of a single Provincial ATV organization together with a Province Wide One Pass system. We have had delegates attend 6 meetings with representatives of other organizations and clubs in attempts to achieve this end.
  • We ran our first Mud Bog event with all proceeds raised going to the Minden Kinsmen Club.
  • We had manned information booths set up at four trade shows: the 4 day Toronto Sportsman Show, the 3 day Haliburton Sportsman show, the 2 day Cooksville Antique Snowmobile and ATV show and the 3 day Toronto Snowmobile and ATV show.
  • HATVA spent over $27,000 on Trail Maintenance and Repair. This included re-decking 5 bridges; 1 of our own and 4 in cooperation with local snowmobile clubs for which HATVA supplied the labour and hardware while the snowmobile clubs provided the lumber. Major trail repair items included $11,000 for rock fill and gravel at Five Points, $11,000 for excavator work on South Lake trails including aggregate fill and corduroy sections, $9,000 for excavator work on the Gord Hamilton (Outhouse) Trail. (Some of the totals for individual trail sections include monies received from other sources.)
  • A new book-style format for our Trail System maps was introduced. This was well received and work will begin shortly in preparation for the next 2012 version.
  • To fulfill our mandate with Haliburton County we continued to have Trail Wardens patrol the Haliburton Rail Trail corridor to ensure proper usage. The Rail Trail and surrounding area was cleaned up twice this year. We paid for several applications of calcium chloride dust control.
  • The IB&O Rail Trail from Wilberforce to Gooderham was cleaned up. Volunteers removed refrigerators, 50+ large truck tires and a huge amount of other trash.
  • As part of our Search and Rescue commitment we performed 3 separate recoveries in the Anson Mountain and Outhouse Trail area, 2 for stranded or broken down ATVs and one dirt bike.
  • We held a Youth ATV Safety Training session retaining the services of the excellent Yamaha Training Instructors.
  • We donated much needed $'s to our younger affiliate clubs to assist in their development.
  • Throughout the year several non-motorized user groups of the Haliburton Rail Trail continued pressure to have ATVs banned from the Rail Trail. We continued to present our position and benefit to local Council. We invited all candidates running for Council seats for an ATV ride and 4 participated, we also rode the Rail Trail with the Director of Haliburton Economic Development and Marketing to suggest improvements which could be made to the Trail.
  • Four different surveys of ATV use in Haliburton were completed and results are currently being tabulated. HATVA members completed an extensive on-line questionnaire, local businesses answered questions on the benefit of ATV tourism on the local economy, local residents were polled to establish both concerns and benefits of how ATV usage affects them and finally trail users were invited to give their opinions of the Trail System. Results of these surveys will help guide development of ATV tourism and infrastructure in the future.

For 2011 we have several Trail Repair and bridge building items already planned as well as the continuation of ongoing activities. For example:

  • The 2011 ride schedule is presently being finalized.
  • We plan to improve the trails running from the Haliburton Rail Trail into Minden. Hopefully Minden businesses will be willing to assist with these costs in order to attract ATV tourism into town.
  • We have agreed to contribute money to help install interpretive signage along the Haliburton Rail Trail to identify areas of historical or environmental significance.
  • We intend to maintain our lead role in the establishment of a single Provincial ATV organization.
  • We are looking at establishing a winter trail riding area, separate from the snowmobile trails.
  • We also plan to establish closer ties to the local snowmobile clubs to improve our common ride experiences.

As you can see the Club has been very busy this year however we are in desperate need of volunteers for 2011. As it is, it is the same small hand-full of individuals doing all the work listed above. We are in need of people to assist to warden the Haliburton Rail Trail a couple days a year, help out on Club rides or help man a booth for a day at a trade show. The HATVA events calendar posts work days for trail cleanup or bridge repair work. If you would be willing to assist in any of these activities next year please let the Club know. Plan to attend our Annual General Meeting in May or feel free to attend any of our monthly meetings.

When planning to renew a membership or join a club we encourage riders to "join where you ride" not join where you live. This will allow the maximum money to go to the trail systems that you actually use.

We hope to see you on the trails next year!

Re-decking Bridge 2010 IB&O Repair: In late November, five HATVA members removed the decking from a bridge on the IB&O Rail Trail between Gooderham and Irondale. This was a cooperative effort with the Buckhorn Snowmobile Club which completed the job, re-decking it.

Replaced Bridge Decking 2010 Bridge on South Lake Trail: HATVA removed and replaced the decking on the 30 foot bridge on South Lake Trail. Thirteen members plus two guests supplied the labour and the club supplied the material at a cost of $2500

Garbage adjacent to rail trails has always been a problem and, regardless of who gets the blame, one group of volunteers can be counted on to help clean up the mess each year. On June 12, the Haliburton ATV Association focused on the IB&O Rail Trail that runs from Wilberforce to Gooderham.

Working in the rain and mud presented the usual challenges, but Atvers are always prepared for this kind of weather with rain suits, tall boots and work gloves.

Three trailers full of items resulted from the day's work, including the usual bags of garbage as well as cans, bottles and loose debris. However, surprise items included a freezer, an oil tank, and a couple of humidifiers, a pay telephone and over 50 tires. Some truck tires were still on the rims. All of these were down in a gully, but with the help of the winches on their bikes, the ATV club members were able to haul them up. With clearance from Dave Burton, Reeve of Highlands East, items were accepted at the Tory Hill Dump.

Celebrating a job well done, the volunteers were treated to a barbecue lunch, after cleaning up themselves. It was a day full of camaraderie and satisfaction. Bob Johnson, president of HATVA presented volunteers with the club's official volunteer hats.

On future spring and fall clean-up days Haliburton ATV Association will invite other trail user groups to adopt a few metres of trail and join in the volunteer effort. As they say, "Many hands make light work" and all users of the Rail Trail benefit from a clean and natural setting.

Clean and Natural Setting Volunteer Effort
Clean-up Days Adopt Trail Metres

Haliburton ATV Association Rail Trail Clean Up
HATVA has a spring and fall cleanup picking up garbage along the rail trail between Kinmount and Haliburton Village. We've done this twice per year since 2002. To compare the stark difference go back to 2002 when HATVA was taking dump truck sized loads off the trail. Now a pickup truck or good sized utility trailer is all that is required. "Some contractors used to dump their garbage along the trail - it just doesn't happen anymore with the Wardens and closer monitoring of the trail system" states Steve Skidmore a HATVA Director. Only one car tire was picked up ... that's a big difference from the forty some odd tires the club picked up the first year of operation. HATVA also uses the cleanup day as an opportunity to add new signs and replace missing signs. Most years HATVA spends huge dollars on signs throughout the entire ATV trail system.

Picking Up Garbage Replace Missing Signs
Spring and Fall Cleanup Rail Trail Clean Up

2010 Five Points Trail System: HATVA completed a project with the Buckhorn Snowmobile Club to clean up and improve a trail around Loom Lake in the 5 points area. KATVA and HATVA contributed a total $11,000. $4,000 with monies made from the alliance pass and HATVA also donated $7,000. towards the project)The snowmobile club was also a contributor as was the provincial government which matched contributions dollar for dollar.

Contractor Clean Up 2009 South Lake Trail: HATVA spent $2600 for a contractor to clean up the rocks and corduroy on this trail.

Bridge over Anson Creek 2009 Anson Creek Bridge: Fourteen HATVA members removed and re-decked the 40 foot bridge over Anson Creek. Haliburton County Snowmobile Club supplied the material.

2009 South Lake Trail: HATVA hired a contractor, at a cost of $3000 for gravel and equipment, to fill in holes on Trail 3.4.

2009 the Outhouse Trail (Trail 3.2): This is an 18 km trail that runs from Highway 118 south to Scotch Line Trail 3.1. HATVA paid $9000 to clear

2008 Trail 2.7: Six HATVA members joined six members from the Tall Pines Snowmobile Club to repair a bridge on Trail 2.7. The bridge was about 30 feet long. The old decking had to be removed and new decking installed.

2008 Salerno Bridge: This bridge is in the 5 point trail system. Five volunteers from HATVA and three from KATVA helped six members from the Buckhorn Snowmobile Club who organized the repair of this bridge—removing and installing new decking.

2007 Rail Trail: Not only does HATVA clean this trail twice a year, but in 2007 volunteers re-decked the two trestle bridges on it. One of these bridges is 200 feet long, the other is about 75 feet. It took two week-ends to do them. Over 30 volunteers helped with the first one and about 15 worked on the next. The county supplied the decking material and picked up the old decking.

Trestle Bridges Volunteers Re-decking

2007 Minden Trail: Two HATVA members rented a Bobcat and, with two loads of large shot rock, filled in a water hazard.
We had a situation where ATV's were exiting off an HATVA private land ATV trail onto residential private property because they couldn't get by this mud hole. "It was frustrating for both riders and residential neighbours along the trail" says Steve Skidmore who managed the project. In the process of filling the deep mud hole with 32 tons of shot rock the wheeled Bobcat got stuck, then a tracked Bobcat got stuck and finally an excavator freed both and they all worked together to complete the work. We try not to disturb trails if we can help it but sometimes you get situations where the drainage and mud right on the trail is held in rock cups. Riders cause more damage trying to find a bypass - so on high traffic trails this can be a solution that causes the least disturbance to the environment. HATVA had a similar situation just south of Gooderham that was done at the request of the Paudash Snowmobile Club

Water Hazard Fill In Sticky Situation On The Trails

HATVA Cleans Up!
HATVA has recently cleaned up Gooderham, Anson and Pine Springs trails. Pine Springs included the removal of abandoned appliances. On the Anson trail HATVA removed a burnt out steel trailer. In addition HATVA has been cutting high grass around stop signs on the rail trail and replacing missing signs. If you can help with further trail cleanups we'd love to hear from you by emailing

2006 South Lake: Hugh Trask and Steve Skidmore, two HATVA directors, did some trail maintenance in the area. They hauled in 4 tandem loads of blast rock to fill in a water hole that was causing riders a lot of grief. This was at a cost of $800. Steve used his own tractor to help.

5 Points Tornado Damage
August 2005 Hurricane: This hurricane devastated our trails, especially west of Highway 35. There were over 90 trees down from Highway 118 to the Dirty Dozen Hunt Camp. HATVA directors spent 5 weekends, with 10 -12 volunteers each day, clearing the trails. Some of the local members even went out during the week. HATVA, with a donation of $500 from the Haliburton County Development Corporation, bought 2 chain saws to clear these trails. The local hunting club also assisted. HATVA was asked to submit a bill of $5,000 for labour to the Algonquin Highlands Relief Fund but it went unacknowledged.

On routine patrol of 5 Points six HATVA Wardens came across a very recent tornado that had crossed the trail just west of Picard Lake. The tornado had left a tangled mess of poplar and pine for about 50 yards along the trail and the clear-cut swath ran off south into the bush as far as the eye could see. It was more than a down draft because some of the trees were twisted. When chain sawing twisted trees you have to work top and bottom because the tension will bind the saw from any direction that you cut from.

The section of trail was opened back up at least 12 feet wide to insure winter groomer passage. The main south 5 Points loop has been cleaned of garbage. In addition the Gooderham and Anson trails have been cleaned of garbage.

Volunteers Come Out 2004 South Lake Bridge: 17 volunteers came out to repair the bridge, some from KATVA. Dirt Trax TV was on the scene and shot footage of the club’s work for their television show. The MNR had marked 20 trees to be cut down and used for the base of the bridge. They were about 8 inches in diameter and about 20 feet long. Haliburton County Snowmobile Association supplied the decking HATVA supplied the volunteers.

Wardens Are There To Help
We are a senior couple (with dog) from south of the Kawartha's. To-day, Sat Aug 16th we were riding on your main rail trail when we were stopped by 2 of your wardens. They were not only extremely polite and friendly but they also helped us do temporary repairs to a flat tire on my machine. We're calling them good Samaritans from now on instead of wardens. Thanks guys! We had a great day riding your trail. Ron, Joyce & Shelley from Nestleton.

Trail Confusion
This is an email sent by OFATV to its membership. We appreciate OFATV clearing this up. We would also like to remind all riders that they need the right pass for the area as we are warden stopping riders from EOTA and riders with the so called TTNGold that are saying that the passes work in HATVA catchment when they don't. We've heard from some riders that the TTN Gold pass they bought works all over Ontario which is as far from the truth as it could be. ATVOntario Power Pass is far closer to a provincial pass BUT neither is covering the whole province. It is refreshing to see OFATV step forward and ask riders to respect the passes and catchment of others and HATVA agrees with that.

Hello everyone, as a Provincial ATV organization we promote trail passes to be used when riding any ATV trail system, we ask that all riders respect this even when riding another Organization's trails, whether they be private or Crown land, to please respect the Organization and be sure to obtain the appropriate trail pass for the trails on which you are riding.

On another note, there may have been some confusion regarding the Seguin Trail, please note that in order to ride this trail, you must be in possession of either a Power Pass or a Park to Park trail pass in order to ride this trail.

We ask that all Clubs please pass this information on to their members to avoid any confusion.

Thank you in advance!
Shannon Audette
Office Manager

Honda Supports ATV Ontario
Honda Canada is providing five new 2009 ATV's to ATVOntario for trail maintenance. "We facilitate the largest managed atv trail system in the province" says Eric Christensen VP of ATVOntario and Administrative Coordinator of HATVA one of the five regional ATVOntario nodes. "We spend several days of each week out there signing and maintaining trails - these atv's are much needed and will be put to good use" adds Christensen. "We really appreciate Honda stepping up to the plate to assist ATVOntario with the donation of these ATV's" says Andrew Ryeland President of ATVOntario. Each regional node will take delivery of one Honda ATV. ATVOntario serves atvers with trail access through Power Pass which covers a massive area through central and near north Ontario. Collectively the nodes manage some 5,000km of ATV trails offering true ATV touring experiences and events.

HATVA Demographics
Ever wonder where all those HATVA members come from. Well the answer is - all over. But here's some specifics taken right from our data base. These numbers exclude Power Pass users and are strictly HATVA member riders based on 785 total users (this number climbs daily).

Northern Ontario 4%
Central Ontario 44%
Greater Toronto Area 12%
Eastern Ontario 25%
South Western Ontario 15%
and we do have US members and members from as far away as Alberta!

Why do they come from so many areas of Ontario? Answer is the trails. We have a fantastic trail system and great events almost every weekend. Folks can come here just like going to the cottage and stay in nice accommodation for as low as $45 a person per night. It's great ATV value. We're close enough to the GTA that many riders come up just for the day to ride and head back after.

In addition to Haliburton County some of the real member hotspots are Oshawa, Muskoka, Lake Simcoe area and the Kawartha's. East to west in the province our members stretch from Windsor to Cornwall. Now you’re probably going to ask what is the most popular ATV brand by membership. We could tell you that but we don't want to start a war.

Letter from New Atvers
We were very interested in Atving. In mid-June, we purchased two ATVs and a trailer. We arranged for insurance. We purchased two Ontario Federation of All Terrain Vehicle trail passes. We purchased all the proper safety equipment. Eventually, we purchased two Haliburton All Terrain Vehicle Association trail passes. We wanted to do everything properly, respecting the rights of others to their peace and quiet, by riding only designated trails.

One of our first rides as newcomers to the sport was a ride through designated trails in Tiny Township. We parked our truck and trailer well off to the side of the dirt road. We chose this road because of the extreme lack of traffic. When we returned to our truck, a bylaw enforcement person had issued us a parking ticket, for "blocking the roadway", even though other vehicles could easily get around our truck. It wasn't the wisest choice the 21 year old clerk made. However, he did make the brilliant suggestion of parking in the ditch.

BUT! It did chase us out of Tiny Township. We quickly found out how welcoming and advanced in their thinking Haliburton County is in encouraging ATV use. We would like to thank Tiny Township for their short-sightedness with regards to ATVs. We have spent the last four weekends in the Minden, Dorset, Haliburton, Kinmount, Wilberforce and Carnarvon areas, spending our money in their restaurants, motels, gas stations, etc.. We are heading to Bancroft tomorrow for three days of riding.

The interesting thing here is that we have parked on the road at our cottage which is in Tiny Township for many years, and never received a parking ticket, so we know this is a blatant case of discrimination. Apparently, Tiny Township has had problems with ATVs in the past. So rather than concentrating on those who do not comply with Tiny Township and provincial bylaws, they chose to target people who do abide by the rules. Good work Tiny Township. You must be very proud of yourselves.

Again, thank you Tiny Township for chasing us to such a beautiful area as Haliburton County, where we feel truly welcomed. With ATV’s outselling snowmobiles 8 to 1, I wonder where the industry is headed.

Most sincerely,
Betty-Jean and John

HATVA Trail Kilometers
To make a long story short a recalculation of our trail inventory shows approx. 1,200 km. We believe with the inclusion of the existing Algonquin West & North Hasting Trails it takes us well over the 1,700 km mark.

HATVA uses a professional cartographer who takes our gps points and maps them into the MNR/911 vector map. HATVA has written permission from the MNR to utilize the system and in turn we provide the mapping to the MNR for inclusion into the MNR Values Information System.

Collectively that would bring ATVOntario Power Pass access to some 5,000km plus trails in the five regional nodes covering most of central and near north Ontario.

Membership Grows
HATVA continues to grow and now has close to 800 members. In addition to the ATVOntario Power Pass members who regularly ride our trails. HATVA is 1/5 owner of ATVOntario Power Pass and markets that option for riders who want broader options than HATVA's 1,700+ km of trails. Power Pass includes Parry Sound, Elliot Lake, Mattawa and Cochrane trails. The catchment area covers most of Central Ontario and it is the closest large wilderness trail area to the greater Toronto area marketplace. In HATVA area most of the roads are open to atving (no 2 up on roads - must have drivers license). In addition HATVA sells 1000's of non member temporary passes for those that want to explore the many trails in the area. Go to the Online Pass button to buy passes or memberships online.

County of Haliburton Grants New Agreement to HATVA
The County of Haliburton has signed a new agreement with HATVA for ATV use management and wardening on County owned land. The agreement is backed up with a bylaw empowering HATVA to insure compliance on the trails including the requirement for HATVA or HATVA supported pass systems on the Haliburton Rail Trail. HATVA also wardens pinch points on private land trails that connect from the Rail Trail to other destinations. HATVA now has approx. 20 trained Wardens in addition to 2 County bylaw officers to patrol the trails. Short form tickets and a series of various fines are in place for those who trespass without proper permits.

Many trails have private land use agreements including the Haliburton Rail Trail (Kinmount area to Haliburton Village) HATVA membership passes are a REQUIREMENT. Be forewarned TRAILS ARE WARDENED. Haliburton Rail Trail is wardened under County Bylaw.

On all trails you must have a helmet, plate and insurance and comply with the OFF ROAD ACT. On road links you must comply with Bill II requirements and that includes licensed drivers only.

HATVA Pass Includes Access to KATVA Trails
When you purchase an HATVA membership or temporary pass it includes access to the KATVA rail trail south of Kinmount and any other KATVA trails in the Lindsay/Fenelon Falls area

Letter of Agreement - Alliance between KATVA & HATVA

  • both organizations share much in common and want to work together
  • local politicians expect co-operation between the two organizations
  • respective atv rider members want maximum value for their membership $'s
  • member riders want maximum possible trail opportunities
  • both communities want to attract atv tourism
  • the respective club executives want to do more riding and less politics and arguing
  • that both organizations want to be fair, upfront and assist each other so both can be healthy
  • that it is in the best interests of both neighbouring organization that atving remains sustainable in the area against many external threats that are not positive towards atving
  • that KATVA wishes to leave EOTA umbrella but potentially maintain reciprocation trail use with other EOTA clubs
  • that atv generated revenue support atving and be invested in atving and that both organizations are not for profit
  • that atv club members/riders should control their destiny rather than non atv interests dictating the outcome or siphoning off resources
  • that both organizations wish to show leadership and believe atv riders throughout the province need to work together to insure long term survival

Letter of Agreement:

  • both KATVA & HATVA will maintain their own brand and identities governed by their own bylaws with their own respective Boards of Directors
  • both clubs would name each other as additional insured
  • an Alliance Committee would be formed from three Directors appointed from the respective clubs and reporting back to their own Board Of Directors
  • the Committee would deal with all matters related to the mutual interests of both KATVA & HATVA including reciprocation with other non Alliance clubs
  • the Committee recommendations would be joint recommendations taken to both respective Boards to be ratified
  • both clubs would ride on and help maintain each other's trails for the benefit of all member riders in the spirit of cooperation and openness
  • riders from the respective clubs would travel freely between the two organizations trail system and would carry their membership card and decal identification as proof of membership
  • Non member temp pass riders would buy their pass from the respective areas and we will honour each other's temp passes without exchange of money.
  • neither club will owe or transfer money to another club for annual membership or administrative services
  • Both organizations will price their membership passes at $110. individual and $220 family per year taxes inc. and will ensure equivalent price points for memberships, day passes will be $15, weekend passes will be $25 and weekly passes will be $40 taxes inc.
  • both organizations may warden together if they decide to do so as per the Committee
  • both organizations may do joint events or attend each other’s events on the same terms as their own membership and as per decisions of the Committee
  • both organizations are committed to supporting the health and well being of the other although they are responsible for their own costs, marketing, insurance and member services
  • neither club organization shall commit the other to contracts, liability or other changes beyond the scope of this Letter of Understanding without mutual consent and the recommendation of the Committee
  • The Committee will be three equal members who would meet annually at a mutually agreeable location.
  • both organizations will operate in the spirit of total transparency and honesty with each other, and set aside territorial issues and issues of personal gain for the betterment of both clubs and atving at large in Ontario
  • this is more than a reciprocal riding agreement, it is an Alliance between both clubs to support each other both HATVA and KATVA agree that all reciprocal agreements will be joint agreements with other clubs that may want to reciprocate with the Alliance
  • criteria for clubs to reciprocate will be hammered out by the Alliance committee but would include things like insuring the reciprocal clubs have proper insurance and name KATVA & HATVA insured, that we won't target market each other's areas, that existing members would be protected, that reciprocal clubs would have trails to offer in the reciprocation, that reciprocal agreements would be negotiated on a club by club basis etc.
  • both clubs agree that matters of disagreement will not be settled by litigation but may be worked out with the help of independent mediation if the Alliance Committee deems this to be useful
This agreement will be in place until either KATVA or HATVA end the agreement with 60 days written notice.

HATVA/ATVOntario Attend Sportsman Show
HATVA organizes a number of trade shows each year with ATVOntario. Thanks to our contributors for making these shows a success including our booth staff, All Terrain Vehicle Magazine, Prentice Power Sports and BRP CanAm.

Booth Staff Sportsman Show

HATVA has 800 full time members and thousands of pass purchasers in the province of Ontario. HATVA is a regional member node of ATVOntario.

Contact Info:
HATVA Hotline (705) 457-8780